Tell us about yourself

I love coming up with things that have never been done before such as conducting a choir of mosquitos and goats to record a Christmas Carol that makes radio presenters laugh out loud and sells thousands of charity gifts raising millions of pounds.

I sweated blood and tears to smuggle guns from Mozambique into the British Museum. I held several journalists and producers at gunpoint to get enough media coverage for a PR Week Award, the Oscars of the public relations world. Luckily for the journalists I spoke to, the guns were decommissioned and formed a huge Tree of Life sculpture.

I have a constant urge to keep on track of what’s new in the big wide world of social media and the rest of the world.

What do you do?

>> 11 years PR and marketing experience working for major charities, public sector bodies, national newspaper website and PR agency

>> Co-founder of digital agency Developing Dreams

>> Managing cross-organisational projects across continents, and creating award-winning media campaigns

>> Photographs published in the UK and leading photography websites and images sold at exhibitions

Show us some stuff you've made

>> Hospitality Guild

Helped set up the Hospitality Guild, an umbrella organisation bringing together employers, professional associations and individuals in the hospitality industry. Developed and implemented a brand and marketing strategy, led on a media campaign gaining coverage in 50 media outlets inc. national TV, radio, newspapers, trade press and ethnic media.

>> Tree of Life project

Project managed the creation of the Tree of Life sculpture (a commission for the British Museum), made of decommissioned weapons by Mozambican artists, and led on the PR campaign. Gained coverage in all major national newspapers, magazines and broadcasters as well as international media outlets and won a PRWeek award. The sculpture was a leading image of the nationwide Africa 05 Season of events. The audience reach was 147M and the advertising value equivalency of the coverage was £403,000 excl. 1/2hr documentary on the BBC.

>> Present Aid

Initiated and implemented two unique radio campaigns for Present Aid, which involved commissioning musicians to create a Carol made of sounds that could be associated with items from the charity gifts catalogue The first Christmas track was played by 40 radio stations in conjunction with interviews contributing to a three fold increase in money raised in comparison to the previous year. This helped persuade top two UK solo percussionists Dame Evelyn Glennie and Shovell from M People to come on board for the second track, played by 43 radio stations, resulting in a series of national and regional TV interviews as well as extensive online media coverage. The audience reach was 36M and the ad value equivalency was £208,000. Present Aid raised £13M in 5 years.

>> Freedom! sculpture project

Successfully proposed and project managed the creation of the Freedom! sculpture by Haitian artists (a key commission for the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool), which resulted in extensive media coverage in national newspapers, broadcasters, online, and a documentary. Audience reach was 23M and ad value equivalency of coverage was £153,000.

How do you use The Skiff?

I use the Skiff desks only occasionally, because I can't keep my voice down when I am talking to someone over the phone (it makes you feel like a spy and I don't like that)

Sometimes I climb up tables in the Skiff to hang Christmas lights or decorations...

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