Tell us about yourself

PR, media trainer and journalist. I've been a Skiff full-timer for a couple of years now, which I guess makes me one of the old faces.

What do you do?

Various strands to my business. As a PR I work with organisations looking to raise their profile and promote their products and services through editorial coverage in the media. I have something of a specialism in health, medical and cosmetic surgery but also am currently working with a mystery shopping company, a hotel and a number of charities.

As a trainer, I run courses on PR skills for SMEs, media training (for doing media interviews), presentation skills, writing for business and various other media and communication related topics.

As a journalist (I'm ex-BBC News) I write for various titles in the gay press and gardening press.

Show us some stuff you've made

You can see my writing portfolio on and also my presenting showreel (I have a sideline in presenting corporate videos). has more on the PR and training stuff.

How do you use The Skiff?

I'm in here most days and it's great to have somewhere as a base, surrounded by other interesting creative and occasionally slightly bonkers people.

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