Tell us about yourself

I'm in the skiff about four days a week, normally sitting near the door where you come in.

Currently planning the Skiff Long Table Dinner... that's coming soon.

I'm usually working on some software or other, a web application, maybe a desktop app or mobile app, or writing something.

Talk to me about things like Python, Django, Scrum (and project methodologies), JavaScript, kids, gardens, music, stuff.

What do you do?

I'm a freelance web and software developer, mainly focussing on Python, Django and JavaScript.

I'm also a Certified Scrum Master and a group facilitator and project manager.

Show us some stuff you've made

Portfolio here: but that's well out of date.

How do you use The Skiff?

The Skiff gives me a desk, an office and colleagues 4 days a week. An office full of cool people in the North Laines. Of Brighton. It doesn't get much better that that.

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