Tell us about yourself

Sussex born but been living abroad for much of my life, now back in the UK and (really) enjoying life in Brighton. Been a civil servant up until recently, now changed to being an independent and a PhD student. As you do.

What do you do?

I'm an independent consultant, providing advice, support and training on European health affairs, specialising in:
- European Union health policy and diffusion of innovation in European health systems;
- and how to make the most of European opportunities for innovation, research and collaboration.

I'm also doing a PhD in the psychology of health innovation (in other words, why if you go to a doctor, chances are that you won't get the healthcare that the evidence says you should).

Show us some stuff you've made

Have a look at Though it is a bit niche, I grant you.

How do you use The Skiff?

Implied social pressure of a shared space to make me work more. And it does, too.

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