Tell us about yourself

Marco Betti gained a BA honours in Photography and Film from the University of Westminster in 1994. He lives and works as a freelance photographer in Brighton England, and has traveled globally on photographic assignments for corporate clients, development agencies and charities. His work has been published in The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The British Journal of Photography and House and Garden among other publications nationally and internationally.
Recent clients include: Eli Lilly UK, WaterAid, Ecover, Net Builder, Thames Water, RPM Ltd, Unilever, Royal Horticultural Society, Tisettanta Ltd, Kids Connections and Zero Fifty One

What do you do?

Photography (editorial, commercial, NGOs, Charities, PR and events), and some corporate video work for web too.

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How do you use The Skiff?

I generally use The Skiff as a place to get away from my digital darkroom in my home office and focus on contacting potential new business from my laptop. Also, just trying and avoid cabin fever once in a while.

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