Tell us about yourself

I have been on the web for the past twenty years, and ten years ago I worked for a proprietary Java-based Content Management System / Web Application Platform, helping grow the company from six to sixty people in three years. I then moved into freelancing in 2001 and I have worked exclusively with Free/Libre Open Source Software since then, the last six of those focusing on the Drupal CMS/Platform. In 2008 I moved to the new media hub of Brighton on the South Coast of England and set up as a Drupal shop, working with a close network of experts to deliver larger, more complex projects.

What do you do?

I help organisations communicate and collaborate with their community online. I provide Internet Strategy Consultancy and Web Application Development services, and am passionate about Free/Libre Open Source Software. The freedom it provides to build infinitely flexible systems enables organisations to utlise one of mankind's greatest innovations in communication technology to its full extent.

Show us some stuff you've made (Drupal<>Flash API) (ticket booking system) (Drupal 6) (Drupal 7 media) (Java>Drupal rebuild) (SugarCRM<>Drupal<>Mailchimp integration) (site architecture) (Drupal 6) (Apache Solr spatial search)

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